You’ll Never Know… (A Silent Voice Chapters 40-45)



It makes me feel terrible to know that Shouko blames herself for what happened between everyone in the last couple chapters. She’s so stuck in a self-loathing paradigm that she carried with her for years because of her disability. All she wanted was to be a normal child and fit in with all the other normal kids. This wasn’t her fault.

But of course everyone had known that except for the kids in her sixth grade class. This was most likely where her paradigm started.

But what I’m loving is that Shouya’s still trying so hard to hang around with her. Not just as an apology for what he did, but because he genuinely wanted to befriend her, and give her “what could’ve been”.

… I feel like I’ve already said this, but whatever.

Anyway, I just really admire how hard he’s trying to make her happy. It just sucks that he’d found out his efforts were kind of futile after finding Shouko standing on her balcony. She’d faked her smile for so long that it got to a breaking point. Isn’t that crazy? But that’s a thing about humans. You never know what they could be hiding…

While Shouko was saved, unfortunately Shouya had taken the fall (literally) into the river. He’s in the hospital, thank goodness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s completely okay.

And on another note, I’d like to see Ueno’s parents. Like seriously, who raised that girl?? She’s ignorant, she’s rude, she’s abusive. Pretty much the perfect villain but the worst character. No kind of development will ever get me to like her.

I’m slowly getting close to the end! I can’t wait to watch the movie. I’m thinking of doing a youtube review/comparison. What do you think? Should they be in one video or separate? I feel like it’d be a little long if I were to put them in a video together. But anyways. until next time!

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