Yay!! (Hinako Note Episode 5 & 6 Review)

You know, I finally realized earlier today why the show is called Hinako Note… 

It’s because Hinako writes in her damn notebook every episode. HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT NOTICE THAT??

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through the show ?​ I like it so much!! It’s so cute and the plot is definitely something I don’t really see in anime.

Anyway, these last two episodes centered more on preparing Hinako for the play. I definitely enjoy Yua’s character more now since she finally decided to stop being an ass and actually help Hinako memorize her lines, as well as basically being a coach to Hinako so she can get over her stage fright.

And then the weird tsundere forgets her handkerchief, which was supposed to be an important piece of evidence in the script/story! It was a good thing that Mayu was there (and luckily in her maid outfit) to give them another handkerchief.

Her reaction to realizing she was on-stage made me giggle ?​

One thing I might complain about (nothing major) is that Hinako passed up Ruriko’s proposal to work on TV. Then again, Hinako did say she just wanted to work in theater, not necessarily be a full-fledged actress, which was why she wanted to be part of the Hitotose theater troupe they created.

Speaking of theater, the theater club is going to start again! It’s most likely happening in the next episode, so I can’t wait to see it!

By the way, I don’t know why but I absolutely adore the opening for the anime! I usually ignore openings and skip over them (I don’t know, I find them time consuming and they get annoying later on). But Hinako Note‘s is too adorable to pass up! Plus, I really like the song even though I’m not even sure what they’re saying ?​

But yeah, that’s my take on it. Thanks for reading!


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