WHY MUST YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS (KnK Chapter 22 & 23 Review)

I really hope Nishimiya and Shouya’s relationship develops more soon, because this whole misunderstanding is absolutely killing me!!

I feel like Ueno’s whole “playing friends” line really messed with both Shouya and Nishimiya, because now they both want to try to be closer to each other. Not that I’m complaining, though. But still, Ueno is such an asshole, I just wish she would leave them alone or at least try to be a decent person with them.

However, this led to Shouya trying hard to meet up with her again. This almost doesn’t happen until Yuzuru sets him up to buy bread from a specific shop, which happens to be near the route that Nishimiya takes to walk. There she admits that she wants to know more about him (my little heart can’t take this!!).

This then leads to her suddenly deciding to use her voice and tell him that she likes him. But sadly Shouya misunderstands and thinks she’s talking about the moon (because in Japanese “I love you” is “suki” while “moon” means “tsuki”). Coincidentally Shouya replies with “It’s beautiful”, which may or may not have been mistaken for “I love you too”.

It wasn’t revealed wether or not Nishimiya misunderstood since she ran away after he replies. THIS IS WHAT’S KILLING ME!!!

I really hope this whole thing clears up soon because I really want to know wether or not Shouya actually likes her back. I’m also hoping Nishimiya doesn’t think he said “I love you too”, otherwise I think she’d feel foolish and sad when she finds out that wasn’t what he meant.


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