WHY DOES EVERYONE TREAT HER LIKE TRASH?? (Koe no Katachi Chapter 32-34 Review)


I’ve finally gained a bit of insight on Shouko and Yuzuru’s father!

He’s the human embodiment of what a piece of dog crap is. In fact, his parents are also the human embodiment of dog crap.

It’s like they all completely neglected the fact that Shouko was their own flesh and blood and just decided that she’s worthless simply because she’s has a disability. He divorced and abandoned her mother over an assumption that she was hiding Shouko’s disability since she was born. I mean, the disability was discovered when she was three, so I don’t blame them for accusing her mom of lying. But what’s the big deal whether the child is deaf or not?


Anyway, even though her father is a piece of garbage, I do admire the fact that Shouko’s mom immediately looked for a solution. Most people don’t really do that right away. Of course this probably wouldn’t have been the best thing to do at the time since Shouko’s mother had found out she was pregnant with Yuzuru.

What a terrible time to divorce your wife, huh?

Another thing I loved about this chapter was that Shouko and Yuzuru’s grandmother reacted perfectly to the pregnancy news. She was completely happy about it even though they’re not in the best situation. Best Grandma or what?

On another note, Ueno’s still making an attempt to spend time with Shouya, though forcibly I might add. I don’t blame her though. I wouldn’t want to hang out with her either if she’d asked me.

But to show up at the guy’s house unannounced is a little weird. Maybe it’s just me.

I’m still not too sure bout Ueno but I can confirm that Mashiba is a good guy. He just has the cool persona that might come off as egotistical and cocky when in reality he was once a kid who was bullied himself. I’m not entirely trusting of Kawai, though. I feel like she’s going to do something to Shouya or Nishimiya that might trigger me to feel like throwing her under a bus.

But I’ll just have to wait and see!


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