What Kind of Coincidence… (Hinako Note Episode 11)

This episode centers around the time of Christmas and New Years, which is probably the weirdest coincidence ever.

The girls had decided to put on another play inspired by the holidays, though they pretty much had just cut to the chase and didn’t give any information about it except the plot.

… I may have finally realized that this series is a little more about Hinako’s time in Tokyo with her friends rather than her just focusing on theater. There’s theater in it of course, but it’s not completely focused on theater, which was what I was expecting. So once I focus more on the fact that this is mainly about Hinako hanging out with her friends and getting rid of her social anxiety, then the lack of plot about theater doesn’t bother me that much. Hinako Note just focuses way more on the characters and their way of being.

Speaking of which, after the play in this episode I got to learn a little more about Chiaki for the first time. Well mainly like one or two general pieces of information. She likes small animals and small children… sound familiar?

It’s Mayuki!

No wonder they’re so close.

I’m really interested in seeing what they’re going to pull off for the finale. I’ll let you guys know!


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