What Happened?? (Gangsta Chapter 34-40 Review)

I was deceived.

You know those moments where your favorite character is getting beaten by the antagonist and they have a sudden burst of determination and get the comeback that everyone was anticipating?

This didn’t happen with my Constance.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.40.54 PM

Well, it partially did. Connie defended herself against Sig, though that was the only thing she did before proceeding to be beaten down by Sig and then Striker.

Speaking of that bunch, it turns out Marco was a childhood friend of the group’s. They’re called the Second Destroyers. But his name wasn’t Marco. It was “Spas”. I always wondered what the gentle giant’s life was like before working for the Cristianos.

But’s that’s not all that had happened. I told you before that  she was getting the crap beaten out of her by both Sig and Striker?

Guess what the aforementioned psychotic piece of dog fudge did?

gangsta_34_35He sent this to get Marco to meet up with him.

You know, he could’ve sent, like, a letter to the guy like a normal person. But no, the best way to get your childhood friend to talk to you is to beat the crap out of his lover and then cut off her arm to then send it to him in a bag.

“Hey, Spas, I’d love to have a chat with you!”

I’m guessing my whole theory on Connie being pregnant is over now.

The reason why this even happened was because Connie had told Striker that “Spas” is a different person now, followed by a heartfelt “You wouldn’t understand.”

Boy, did he go insane.

On the bright side, Yang still has a chance to stay alive. Dr. Theo had removed all the bullets, so now it’s up to him.

It seems that Monroe really did brainwash the Twilight kids he’d taken in to do his bidding, possibly so much that even the smallest bit of affection is like winning the lottery. This is only so he can be granted their protection, he doesn’t necessarily care about them.

Deception, betrayal, false love, people getting their arms cut off.

You got everything in Gangsta.





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