Well, That Was Quick (Hinako Note Episode 7-10 Review)


I love Hinako Note. I really do.

But this pacing is a little bit too fast. I mean it makes sense since it’s a one-season anime with only twelve episodes, so you kind of have to cut to the chase with something like this. So I can’t really complain about something like the pacing when there’s so little time to put content in. Still, I wish the animation team decided to show more of how the girls practiced for the play.

But I do enjoy all the stuff in between! I love how the girls’ relationships with each other developed throughout the last few episodes. It seems as if they’ve all gotten really close with each other over time. Even Yua, who at first disliked Hinako because of how close she was with Chiaki. Later on you see how she develops from being a weird and slightly stuck-up Tsundere to another member and friend of the Hitotose theater troupe.

I also really love how supportive everyone is of Hinako! Like when Hinako finally told everyone that her mother was coming to see her perform Kuina immediately went to go clean the bookstore while Mayu went to make an entire new menu for her. Even when she was sick, Yua and Kuina kept trying different kinds of weird methods to make her cold go away. Though this in turn made everyone catch the cold, you can tell that the girls genuinely wanted to help Hinako out, which I think is extremely sweet!

Speaking of relationships, is it just me or does it seem as if Kuina and Yua have a slight crush on Hinako? It probably is just me ?​ But I see little scenes in the anime that would give it a slight Yuri undertone, so maybe that’s why?


By the way, while it doesn’t really show too often, the fan-service in this anime is somewhat ridiculous. But then again, what do you expect? It’s fan-service.

I’m so sad I have only two episodes left!! This is possibly the cutest anime I’ve seen so far. I’m really interested to see what they’ll be doing for the last two episodes, though.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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