Uh.. (Re:Zero Episode 8 & 9 Review)


So I’m really confused.

I thought the enemy was Satella, which was already revealed. But apparently the curse Subaru had came from the dog that the village kids played with? It was some kind of miniature “manabeast” that ended up biting Subaru. I’m so confused. I thought Satella was the enemy?? Maybe she transferred from being Emilia’s doppel-ganger to being the dog’s? I don’t think that’s right…


And apparently Rem is some kind of demon? I mean I knew she had some magical powers, but what is she? Half-unicorn?? Seriously, what’s with the one horn? I can’t imagine what Ram’s powers are going to be like.

This new form of hers had somehow broken out after the manabeasts had fought with her when she’d pushed Subaru out the way. She completely knocked out, and this is when her half-unicorn powers came out.

I’m just kidding, I don’t know wether or not my assumption is true (which I’m pretty sure it isn’t).

Ironically, even though she’s clearly capable of handling herself, Subaru had made the attempt to push Rem out the way when a manabeast tried to attack. In my opinion this is completely stupid. She just killed a bunch of those rabid beasts and he’s going to try to play the hero?! Are you kidding me? I would’ve stood in the corner and went to help when it was actually needed.

So, yeah. He died because he’s stupid. His intentions were pure, but it was overall stupid.

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