This is a Child… (MCILAL Episode 4-6 Review)

To have had to deal with something that tragic and so sudden must have been so stressing and… just extremely tough to deal with. I can’t really convey it into words right now, I just really feel for this guy.

The worst part is that no close family really cared. Not his mother’s family, not even his aunt, who only wanted to take the hospital from her father. She only thought about it as “Okay, I’m going to send him to the best orphanage I know!”

I mean, I get that if you’re probably not in the best situation to take care of another child, but she sure as hell seemed pretty well-off to do, especially since she’s finally taking the family hospital from her father. What a greedy, self-centered witch.


I mean, thank goodness he was a decent person enough to take him in with him, even though he had two other children. But the fact that so many people came to the funeral and they’re just sitting there wondering who’s going to take care of Rei instead of actually offering to let him stay with them. They’re like the type of people who, when presented with a problem, there’s a solution right in front of them yet for some reason they keep focusing on the problem rather than trying to act on the solution. It just proves how irresponsible and un-resourceful they are, and in this case, it kind of makes them look like idiots (at least to me).

But it’s not as if the kid gets a break after moving in with someone else.

Having a parent with high expectations for you can be very stressing. But still, that doesn’t give you permission to try to push people out of the way just so you can look better. Kyouka could have taken the route where she had a friendly competition with Rei over mastering Shogi, or she could’ve just left him alone and master it by herself. But why is she so unsuccessful compared to Rei?

She never learned.

Kyouka just decided to be someone who hated on others for their success. She just decided to see Rei as nothing but a block in her path to success rather than just another person on the same road she’s on. I seriously dislike people like that. They’re real losers.

I’m so glad Rei was able to save enough money to move out. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. No one does in reality.


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