The Anime Minute | Episode 15

Oopsies ?​ Two days later and I forget about this… Sorry about that!

I have some news, though!

I got this done in six hours! Doesn’t really sound too much like an achievement since it’s literally a minute-long video, but when you factor in procrastination and household responsibilities six hours is very reasonable. But my actual point with this is that my phone had actually captured everything.

The last couple months my phone was operating weirdly. There was absolutely no storage space no matter how many apps I’d delete and my alarms wouldn’t work. So I decide it’s time that I traded in my phone and get an upgrade. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen  because the screen was broken and I wasn’t aware that you can’t trade it in that way (I thought they’d recycle it or something, I don’t know). So yeah, I had restored my phone to factory settings for nothing.

However, after restoring my phone to factory settings all of my personal contents in the phone had disappeared and I suddenly had all this free storage! So I decided to update my phone since it was still on iOS 10.

And now my alarm magically works and I still have a lot of space!

I usually take a half-hour to record these videos (Oh. My. God!) and my phone was able to stay recording for that whole time! I was so surprised. Before I once tried to record myself and it literally lasted for a minute and a half when it informed me that I was out of space. So I’m really happy about this! Now I don’t have to depend on someone else’s phone.

I was originally planning on selling this phone so I can pay off the rest of the balance on my account and get a new phone, but now I’m not so sure anymore…

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I’m planning on making my “Erased” live action review soon, so stay tuned!

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