The Anime Minute | Episode 10

I’m finally back from my two week break, and I just hit ten episodes! This calls for a celebration!

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I almost couldn’t get through with editing it this morning! I woke up feeling sore and achy, and at first I thought that this was because I finally worked out yesterday after so long. But then I felt a little dizzy and hungry, so I warm up some of last night’s leftovers.

I go to take a bite, I felt like throwing up! I had to force myself to keep it down.

My weeb side told me I turned into a ghoul ?​

But then I remembered drinking last night with my parents. It was only three drinks so I didn’t think I was that hammered. Plus, I didn’t have a headache, nor was I so tipsy I couldn’t walk straight. So just to be sure I looked up the symptoms on google.

It was true! I was experiencing my first mild hangover this morning.

This isn’t something to celebrate, I know. But at least I got a little experience of the real thing. And now I know my limits: only three drinks, no more.

Anyway, I’m so glad I was able to get this here on time! Well actually, I posted this eight hours ago, but still! Better sightly late than never ?​


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