Spas is Dead. At Least I Think So? (Gangsta Chapter 41-44 Review)

Almost each character in Gangsta acts like they’re all cold and tough when in reality they’re just a bunch of stuffed teddy bears in disguise.

Like I’m pretty sure Chad thinks of the younger characters as his own children, and genuinely thinks of Twilights as humans. He’s trying so hard to protect them yet he can’t because he’s only a normal. It’s so sweet to me.

And I’m pretty sure Big Mama Georgiana thinks of Wallace as her own son. She was the one who’d found him out in the street in the beginning apparently. I’m not entirely sure how Nicolas wasn’t there. Maybe she took him in and then gave him to Chad? I’m not sure.

Speaking of Nicolas, since his body isn’t very moveable and his sword is broken, Nic is apparently not useful anymore. He literally says that his Master (Warrick) is going to a place where he is no longer needed. Dr.Theo then takes this moment to ask Nicolas to lend him his body since he’s no longer useful. I guess it might be for a new test subject. Anyway, Nina was so not having any of it. She literally yelled at Dr.Theo. I picture her to be this calm and collected little girl, but she yelled at him! She and Nic must be very close. It’s so endearing ?​

So based on what Nic had said, I don’t think Warrick will be returning to Benriya. Oh, yeah. Did I tell you he decapitated Miles (Monroe’s main goony)?


Miles’ body is literally just sitting there at the table in Benriya’s office while his head is with Warrick. Tell me how I completely forgot about this when Alex had found Miles’ body. I actually thought that at first Nicolas had decapitated himself (I don’t know how) after seeing that it was done by a samurai sword. And then, I thought it was Warrick who decapitated himself. Jeez, how stupid can I be?

Anyway, those are my thoughts for these last couple chapters. I’ll see you all next time for my next Re:Zero review!

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