She dIED?! HOW??? (Re:Zero Episode 6 & 7 Review)



This was quite an interesting turn of events, definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. But one thing I was waiting for (and kind of looking forward to for some odd reason) was the scene where Rem started beating Subaru over with a mace. I seriously don’t know why I wanted to see this scene. I guess it might be because I heard that she had a special form, so that’s something I’m dying to see!

I was a little confused at first as to why she started brutally beating the crap out of him, but after watching for a bit longer I realized that her actions can be justified. Rem was just doing her job. She had accused him of working with a witch because she could smell his stench. Apparently this witch’s stench is all over him. But why is it that no one ever says the name of this “Witch of Envy”?

I reflected back on earlier episodes and I remembered that this witch person was Satella from the first episode! I’m pretty sure this was explained already, but I usually don’t remember too much ?​ This is the reason why I usually write my thoughts in a notebook when watching anime. Otherwise my mind goes blank when I’m writing a review. Is that weird? I want to remember in as much detail as I can but I’m starting to think that maybe carrying around a notebook might be too much…


I’m guessing this Satella person was the one who’d put a curse on him that would force him to relive the day again if he were to die. But what I don’t get is how Rem ended up dying after Subaru survived the fourth (or was it fifth? I DON’T REMEMBER) day? It was brought on by the curse that Satella had placed on Subaru, but why Rem?! She was being ruthless and everything >_<


I’m glad Ram got at least a little bit of development. I was worried she would just be the useless twin sister! I mean, Rem is pretty much better than her in a lot of ways so I’m glad that her personality is being shown a bit more.

What’d you guys think of this episode when you saw it? Let me know!

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