REM (Re:Zero Episode 3 & 4 Review)

I must inform you, before writing this I had watched the video “Re:Zero in 8 Minutes” (just to know what potential crap I might be expecting), meaning I’ve intentionally spoiled myself for possibly this whole anime.

I don’t know why I’d rather spoil myself rather than just see what happens as I keep watching the series.  I just like to be prepared, you know?

Anyway, I finally got to see Rem! It’s a shame how Rem and Ram are supposed to be an identical twin duo, but it’s more like Ram is a less efficient copy of Ram. Subaru says it himself, what purpose does she even have? I’m guessing that’s why the animation team had put her in that scene where she was kind of having a moment with Roswaal just to make it seem like Ram has more purpose in the story.

But you never see her anywhere unless someone’s mentioning her when they talk about Rem.

So it’s pretty obvious that Subaru’s pretty much smitten for Emilia, even to go as far as dying for about twenty times just to see her again. But I think this whole setup is a little weird.

The guy is suddenly transported over to this fantasy world, for God knows why, and falls for the first cute girl he sees because she heals him after he got attacked by some street thugs. She didn’t even want to help him, though. It was Puck that convinced her to heal him.

I just think he’s falling for her too fast, and he’s being kind of creepy about it as well. I mean, it’s not every day you’re transported to a fantasy world and meet a pretty girl, but if you want her to like you then be a little more low-key. I think he might be so into his fantasy world imagination that he doesn’t realize that these people will find him just as weird (if not weirder) as humans do from our world.

Also, did Subaru die in his sleep or something?? He goes back in time each time he dies, right? So what happened that night? He just suddenly woke up and found that he was back right where he started, only this time it was in the mansion.

I’m hoping the series will pick up soon. If not I might just drop the series, though I don’t like to leave things unfinished…

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