Oh, He Died. (Re:Zero Episode 5 Review)


So Subaru wakes up and ends up starting the day all over again? How did he not even notice how he dies? Maybe someone suffocated him in his sleep? I’m thinking it could be Ram. I don’t know, she doesn’t seem very trustworthy to me.

You can tell that compared to Rem she probably just half-asses everything on purpose so that her sister can do all of the actual hard work. This is also her motive behind teaching Subaru to read and write in their language. But even so Rem respects Ram so much. I don’t know why. She’s far better superior than her sister.

And I still feel like I need to emphasize on the fact that Subaru has a weird attachment to Emilia? Like he’s way too into the whole fantasy thing. If I were him I’d try to figure out who the heck tried to kill me! Not try to go out on a date with some guy. Though, if it were a guy that looked as good as Emilia, maybe I’d have a change of heart. But I definitely wouldn’t be creepy and chase after them like Subaru has. But of course, Emilia doesn’t mind. She doesn’t even remember half of the things he’s said to her. I guess in a way, it is kind of sweet that he’s pushing so far just to spend time with her.

But it still creeps me out at the same time.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this episode! I feel like this was kind of short, don’t you? I’m trying to go back to reviewing each episode instead of having them bunched up together in one review. Let me know what you think!

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