Nishimiya Gets a Lot of Shit (KnK Chapter 24-27)

Although Ueno tried to make up with Nishimiya, she’s still the piece of shit from elementary school.

Not only that, she still blames Nishimiya because of what had happened when they were kids. WHY CAN’T NISHIMIYA JUST GET A FUCKING BREAK??

After being set up to go to the amusement park, Shouya literally spies on Ueno the entire time to see if she’s going to try anything funny. He also ends up meeting one of the guys he “hung out” with in elementary school, Shimada Kazuki. Of course, Shimada doesn’t really want to associate with him, though it’s not like Shouya cares.

So this is when Ueno decides to make a deal with him: If she actually made up with Nishimiya, whole-heartedly, then he’ll make the attempt to become friends with Shimada and Hirose again.

But this doesn’t work out like it was planned.

Ueno takes Nishimiya on the ferris wheel so they can talk in private. This is when Yuzuru tells Nishimiya to take her camera on the ferris wheel so she could ride the roller coaster. But what Nishimiya didn’t know was that the camera was recording their conversation the entire time.

I absolutely love Yuzuru! She’s one of the best characters!!

Anyway, Yuzuru later shows the recording to Shouya, and it turns out that Ueno, despite still hating her, wanted to put aside their differences and just act like friends, using the phrase “I hate you, you hate me, but I believe we can make peace even if it’s supported by mutual hatred. So let’s shake hands.”

But Nishimiya stops and tells her “It’s so different. I hate myself.”





Nishimiya has take so much shit in her life, all because of her disability. And because apparently someone can’t be a decent person and just shut the fuck up.

I’m not sure if any amount of character development can stop me from hating Ueno with a passion. She’s the physical embodiment of a piece of shit.

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