My First Villain Waifu ?​ (Gangsta Chapter 45-48 Review)


I couldn’t find any gifs of Beretta, so have a gif of my first original Gangsta waifu, Alex.

Beretta_photo  I’ve realized that I’m taking quite a liking to Beretta. She’s ruthless, independent, and has her moments where she’s absolutely adorable! But along with that I’m almost sure she’s a psychopath. I don’t care! There are people who love Yuno Gasai, so don’t judge me!

However, I’m not very happy with the way she’s been treating Marco and Connie, who I’m pretty sure are friggin’ dead right now. I’m praying it’s not true, but it doesn’t seem likely they’ll survive. They’ve both been seriously injured and I have a strong assumption that Connie performed a suicide mission in order to kill Striker. Marco most likely already died beforehand.

Speaking of that soft-hearted savage, apparently he’d made some kind of special promise to Beretta when they were kids, which was something that couldn’t be done now that “Spas” is dead. Must’ve been pretty special since she literally tried to beat him with a spiky whip. I’m telling you, ruthless!

Before I say goodbye, I’d like to ask if any of you know how often and when the Gangsta manga updates?? I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen in the next chapter >_<

Are there any other Gangsta fans out in our little blogosphere? Who’s your favorite character?

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4 thoughts on “My First Villain Waifu ?​ (Gangsta Chapter 45-48 Review)”

  1. To answer your questions about the manga update it’s normally once a month, however due to the mangaka health issues we can never be sure.

    Like you I’m pretty sure Marco is now death, even if a part of me still wish the opposite, as for Connie she will probably die too. If the explosion doesn’t kill her Striker and/or Beretta will do it.

    My favorite male character is Nico as for female I would say Loretta.

    1. My thoughts exactly ? I really liked Marco and Connie as characters, so I know I’m gonna be sad when it’s confirmed. And same!! My favorite characters are Nico and Alex, but I adore Loretta ?

      1. I like Marco and Connie too, they were give us some stableness, they were in love with each other despite all the shit going around.
        I have to say Alex is one strong woman, I really wonder which decision she took, did she left with the money or she sticked around. I’m also wonder about Worick plan, he is about to met wit the Corsica family. A part of me doesn’t think he can betray Nico like that by siding with the family who hate the twilight the most and another part remember he said he didn’t want to die beside the Twilight.

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