LORETTA CRISTIANO IS MY NEW WIFE (Gangsta Chapter 26 Review)

In the midst of all the chaos happening, what with Connie’s kidnapping and all these anti-Twilight organizations trying to fuck everything up, Loretta fucking Cristiano has proceeded to take charge of the situation and devise a plan in order find the solution!

As I may have mentioned before, Connie and Marco (Loretta’s subordinate/bodyguard) are lovers, so it’s only natural that Marco’s so distraught about his boo’s kidnapping. But he didn’t really know what to do about it. This is when Loretta devises a plan to investigate all over the city in order to find Constance. But no one would have expected this out of one of the four family heads!

Which is exactly why I love her.

She doesn’t care! Loretta gives zero shits about how much danger she might put herself in. She just wants to get Constance back for Marco’s sake, and for the sake of her aunt (Granny Joel). She lives by her father’s motto, which is:



I’m curious to see how this will go down in the next chapter!

Now onto Alex.

Throughout the last few chapters I’m slowly learning more and more about Alex’s past. The reason why she’d even joined up with Barry was because he’d convinced her it was the right thing to do since she needed a way to provide for her father and brother. Apparently her mother was killed by a Twilight, and Barry uses this as another means for her to go with him, saying that “the Twilight that killed your mother is also there.”

In the next page of the flashback you see that Alex was raped in the past. At first I thought it was Barry, but then I noticed the tag hanging from his neck. Then, you see a Twilight dead/injured on the ground, with a samurai sword in the background!

There’s only one Twilight I know with such a weapon.

So then I thought, “Oh my gosh, Nic raped Alex?? Was he the Twilight that killed her mother?”

There is a woman from Nic and Warrick’s past that was killed by the Twilight himself, and in a flashback from an earlier chapter I noticed she looked a lot like Alex!

Alex’s mother could be Veronica!

That’s just a little theory of mine until I receive further knowledge. Shit’s getting real now!!


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