Kawai’s a Rat (A Silent Voice Chapter 37-39)


She does a pretty good job at playing the victim, I’ll give her that.

She completely set Shouya up by running her mouth off to everyone. And not only that, she accused him of trying to threaten her to prevent her from telling everyone that he bullied Shouko back when they were in middle school. He was literally just asking whether she told anyone, nowhere in that conversation did he threaten her. Kawai even denied the fact that she involved herself in the bullying.

Ueno tried to defend him and maybe clear things up, but she ended up making it a bit worse by trying to verbally fight back against Kawai. This leads to Shouya trying to get them to stop, but this backfires when he ends up insulting everyone except Mashiba and the Nishimiyas.

And he blamed this whole ordeal on himself!

I mean, yeah he didn’t have to open his mouth and insult everyone else, but he was devastated over the thought that everything they worked towards together was ruined. He already knew that Nagatsuka and Mashiba would judge him for bullying someone, especially for their disability, and he must’ve felt as if his first real friendships were crushed.

But on the bright side, he still had Nishimiya, who was the original person he wanted to redeem himself with. He manifested everyone else after realizing that he had more to live for.

But now almost everything is ruined for him.

What did you guys think of these last couple chapters? Let me know what you think!

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