It Shattered (MCILAL Episode 2 & 3 Review)

This time I received a little more insight on the characters!

At first I thought Nokaidou was a little weird considering his first impression at the beginning of episode 2, but later I realized that he’s just really hyped about his rivalry with Rei. I think it’s kind of sweet, to be honest. Speaking of sweet, does anyone else just adore the relationship Nokaidou has with his butler?? It’s like his butler is his grandpa! Always concerned about his health and well-being in general (even though that’s his job, but I think he really cares about Nokaidou)! I’m really concerned for Nikaidou’s health, though. Apparently there’s something wrong with his kidneys?

I also got to learn more about Akari and Hina in these last two episodes! Finally, I can remember their names.

Akari apparently has a job as a hostess (I believe that’s what it is?) next to her helping out with packaging at her grandfather’s shop. We already know what had happened with the sisters’ mother and grandfather, but what about their dad? No one’s even mentioned him! I mean, this is only the third episode, but still. Was he just never in their life?

One issue that was addressed in the third episode was how certain people tend to bottle things up inside when they’re upset, which was demonstrated mainly through Hina when she’d suddenly ran out the house after they lit the bonfire for their mother and grandmother. Rei then sees her crying at the bridge and contemplates what he did when his parents had died. He had cried as well, but then he’d convinced himself that crying was futile, so he simply stopped. But now he wonders whether that was even the right thing to do.

I’m thinking that maybe he didn’t really give himself enough time to mourn. Sure, crying wouldn’t bring back his parents, but maybe he needs to understand that it’s okay to suffer.

Yeah, it doesn’t do much for you at the moment, but sometimes it feels really good to let it out. Don’t dwell on it! But you have to let it out, in whatever way possible as long as it doesn’t bring pain to someone else.

Sure, it sucks to suffer. It really sucks. But once you’re done you’ll feel a lot better than you would keeping it inside.


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