It Looked Dark? (March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 1 Review)

From everything I’d seen on social media I thought that MCILAL would be a fun nd sunny anime, but the first few minutes really threw me off. Not like it’s a bad thing though. I like mysteries (most of the time).

I thought it was a little weird for there to be a main character that didn’t really talk too much. But his daily life and living situation really corresponds with his attitude. It also perplexed me how he made a living off of playing Shogi. I would’ve expected that a part-time job would’ve paid his bills. But apparently he’s been playing it since he was a child.

I really admire the relationship Rei has with the three girls (I’m sorry, my memory sucks when it comes to remembering anime character’s names)! It seems like he has dinner with them frequently and has a kind of sibling relationship with each of them. But I feel like he’s a bit closer with the middle sibling (was it Hina?), mainly because they’re very close in age.

I’m really interested to see what happened in Rei’s past that made him end up parentless. All I could guess is that he beat his dad in a Shogi match or something.

Overall I’m interested to see what will happen in the next episode! I want to know more about Rei’s character and how he’d come to know the three girls. Also, thank you KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS for suggesting it to me!


2 thoughts on “It Looked Dark? (March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 1 Review)”

  1. Dawwww thanks girl! March comes in like a Lion deals with a lot of dark psychological aspects and the inner workings of the mind but it is done splendidly. The second season started off way lighter than the first, but now we are getting into topics like bullying. This show is a freakin masterpiece. Everything is done quite well and you will see that progression as you keep watching.

    1. I’m really excited to see the second episode! I want to see more about Rei’s past and how he came to know the three girls. I think this will be as good as you said since it made me really wonder what had happened to the main character, and the first episode was full of mystery! I don’t quite like it when everything is revealed in just the first episode so I’m really itching to see what happens next! Thanks again for recommending this to me!

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