I'm Very Disappointed in the TG Anime

Everything was okay with season one. There were certain things they changed from the manga, but it wasn’t really that bad. Plus, the opening was absolutely amazing!

But then season two came around and my opinion changed completely…

Like not only did the animation team go a different route with the plot, they changed the fucking opening. I mean, I know that’s kind of what they’re supposed to do. Each season they change the opening and the ending. But I just thought they were going to make it better than “Unravel”. In my opinion the second opening is shit compared to “Unravel”!

I hate the fact that Kaneki just randomly got up and left after saving Touka. He didn’t even try to take her back to Anteiku to make sure she was safe. He just left her there like “Yeah, I’m gonna go,” and went and joined fUCKING AOGIRI??


Kaneki left, but he didn’t go to join fucking Aogiri.

I just really hate it when anime or movies don’t stick to the original plot  -_- But even so, I’m still going to watch it… I’m just hoping this is the only major thing they change in the anime.

Anyway, is anyone excited about the live action?? I was supposed to watch it today but some stuff got in the way. Plus the theater was a little far. But I’m definitely watching it tomorrow!

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Until next time!~


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