I'M ANGRY (Hinako Note Episodes 2-4 Review)

This has nothing to do with the show itself, but…




ANYWAY, other than that I don’t really have any complaints about the show.

Luckily the girls didn’t really have to start their own theater troupe yet since the second-years started a theater society, and the teacher (which is that little twerp up there) finally came back from her training. Now all the girls have to do is prepare for their upcoming show for the Cultural Festival!

And guess who was picked to be the main heroine?


That’s right, Scarecrow Girl (otherwise known as Hinako).

One thing that was revealed in the 4th episode was that Hinako is a pretty good singer. Luckily her shyness didn’t really get in the way when she was asked to sing in front of the class.

It’s pretty obvious by now that each main character has their own special talent that also kind of goes with their personality. While Hinako is a talented singer, Mayu on the other hand has a thing for dancing, and rather gracefully I might add. This goes with her “princess” attitude, which I think is really cute!

It’s pretty obvious that the Aki and Ruriko’s is acting, so all I’m waiting for is Kuina and Yua’s talents to be revealed. Though from what I can guess from the show it seems that Kuina might have a knack for writing and Yua’s is… maybe being a huge tsundere for no apparent reason?

I don’t know why, but the relationship that Mayu and Aki have reminds of a fluffier version of Historia and Ymir’s relationship, except Mayu’s practically the physical embodiment of what Krista used to be. This might also be because they look alike ?​

But the way Mayu was reacting when Aki had went out for so long to see a play made it seem as if they were together, at least to me. Or maybe they just have a very close big-sister and little-sister type of relationship.

I can’t wait to see the next episode ?​ Thanks for reading!!

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