I Understand, But She’s Still An Ass (MCILAL Episode 9 & 10 Review)

I’m still bothered that Kyouko is still the bitter little bitch she was when she was younger. But after seeing these last two episodes, I can kind of see why she dislikes Rei so much.

But even so it’s not his fault! He was a star pupil so of course Kyouko’s father would pay more attention to him. He wants Rei to hone his skills and get better at Shogi, so it’s understandable. But you can kind of tell that Kyouko’s father had favored Rei whether he’d done it on purpose or not. Seeing that kind of attention being put upon someone that isn’t even his own son must’ve been heartbreaking for Kyouko and her brother. So I can definitely understand why she’s so condescending with Rei. She probably feels like she doesn’t have anything better to prove herself with.

But isn’t this stupid attitude of hers what brought Rei to moving out even at seventeen?

Now he has to fully depend on himself to make a living. Shogi’s practically the only thing he’s ever known and he can’t necessarily escape it at this point. He doesn’t even know if he likes it! Isn’t that a lot of stress to put yourself under?

But when you think about it, a lot of people go through this.

There’s many people out there who work at mundane jobs just to pay their bills. They get up every day dreading going to work simply because it doesn’t challenge them and they need something different in their life. But they don’t want to change because they’re so afraid it won’t work, and thus they go back into the comfort zone of their mundane job.

This is the same case for Rei. The only reason he’s even involved with Shogi was because he was afraid he’d be abandoned and sent to an orphanage. Now this is the only thing he could depend on. He doesn’t have anything else, not even his foster family.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on these last two episodes. Thank you all for reading!

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