I Really Respect People Like Akari (MCILAL Episode 11 Review)


Before I begin, I just have to point out that Momo is the ultimate cinnamon roll, period.

But while she is adorable, she kind of seems like an outgoing and adventurous child. It’s good for a child to be that way, but there have been a couple scenes where she might wander off somewhere by herself. That plus Hina, household duties, and a job, it seems Akari might have a lot on her plate. I wonder how she keeps calm all the time… I would’ve cracked under pressure at some point.

Actually I naturally crack a bit under pressure so it’s not like I could say anything there.

I really respect people who can do that, I seriously do.

But I think Akari’s bright side in this situation would be that she gets to work at the bar place her aunt owns. Even though it’s only two nights a week, she has a chance to have some time to herself. Although she’s not exactly by herself. She has to entertain those that come to the bar, but I think this is kind of her “self-care time”. For just a few hours she can doll herself up and experience something different out of her normal routine. Though this is forcing her to associate with a lot of guys, it’s still something different from her daily living. I can totally see where her aunt was coming from this episode!


What’d you guys think of this episode? Do you agree that Momo’s cute? ?​ Let me know!

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