I Love This Manga (Gangsta Chapter 27-31 Review)

I just really love the story, as well as all the characters! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, although I’d have to warn them about all the triggering things in this manga.

Anyway, I finally learned most of the character’s names by now as well as their factions and whatnot.

Let me tell you, the anti-Twilight groups are ruthless! They’re like some kind of weird badass Twilight humanoid thing, even though apparently they’re full humans. These people were trained to become Twilight hunters.

One of the antis is a scary ass dude named Striker. He practically manslaughter everyone in the Monroe household just so he could find Monroe. In this attack, Warrick attempted to catch him, but sadly he was stabbed with his own dagger and thrown out the window. Dr. Theo’s little assistant, Nina, actually hears this happening even though she’s far away and it was also raining at that moment. Apparently she has some kind of weird sonic hearing. It wasn’t really revealed wether she’s human or Twilight (at least yet), but I’m betting on the latter because that’s just too weird for a human. I’m just wondering what in the world happened to her parents! Speaking of her, I absolutely love the relationship she has with Warrick and Nicolas. You can tell she’s very close with them, especially Nicolas.

Thanks to Warwick’s insane memory, he was able to describe Striker to Chad down to every last detail, from the color of his hair to the barely visible tribal tattoo he had on his arm.

What are those tribal tattoos?? What do they represent? Where do they even come from?

Another member of the anti-Twilight gang is Erica, who I pointed out in my last Gangsta post that she was a Twilight. So not only did she betray her own kind, she was Delico’s sister!

She must’ve been kidnapped and brainwashed or something. All I know right now is that she gives no fucks for Delico, and Delico is heartbroken but is also not hesitant to kill her? It’s a little weird in my opinion but maybe that’s just how they roll. They don’t even have funerals for the dead Twilights. The bodies are literally just thrown into a landfill and everyone else goes “Welp. See ya”

I really can’t wait to see what happens the next chapter! Thanks for reading!

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