I Have ONE Complaint | Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episodes 3 & 4 Review

I’m looking forward to seeing this guy’s development in the series! I have the feeling I’m going to like him a lot.

Is it weird that I’m admiring the pacing in this show??

Like… I don’t know, I just find it satisfying in some way?

Anyway, first of all,



I’m just playing, he’s not really a hoe. But I wasn’t really expecting him to have a suitor at his beck and call, especially someone he’s so argumentative with.


He must be really bent over getting Ritsu to fall for him, because how can you discard an option such as Yokozawa?? The man is a snacc~

But it seems like Takano and Yokozawa aren’t even dating, and this is apparently because of Ritsu. My guess is that Masamune is on that same “no love” pact thing Ritsu is, except he doesn’t act petty about it. He just prefers to be alone but still with some type of companionship.

Ritsu’s the petty one that straight-up lies and tells this guy he has a girlfriend. Right, okay.


Of course, Takano doesn’t believe it (who would??) and proceeds to try to make Ritsu prove that he’s “straight” or at least uninterested. And in my opinion, Masamune really needs to stop being so forceful. Telling from the way he was in high school, I think Ritsu may be more of a romantic, so maybe Takano should try being a bit sweeter rather than trying to force this guy into sexual situations. I mean it’s not that serious, but I sincerely think that pinning him down really isn’t the way to go, and frankly it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

That’s probably the only complaint I have with this anime.

Also, if you fall asleep and you’re in such a deep sleep that a person is literally able to carry you up some stairs and take your shirt off, you really need some help.

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