How Sweet (MCILAL Episode 7 & 8 Review)


Does anyone else really love Nikaidou’s genuine concern for Rei?

Like it’s incredibly adorable to me! He’s been hanging around Rei quite often lately and even reminds him to take care of himself because he knows that Rei kind of lacks in that department.

It’s a little obvious in my opinion. The guy’s skinny, mainly eats food from the convenience store, and doesn’t have much furniture in his apartment except a futon. Speaking of furniture, don’t you think it was sweet of Nikaidou to buy a sofa bed for Rei’s apartment?

Finally! That thing is so empty.

Rei and Nikaidou remind me of the friendship dynamic where one’s really quiet and shy while the other is just explosive and bubbly! You already know who’s who if you’ve seen this anime.

So with this, it’s only natural that Rei isn’t too good at teaching something he knows so much about. Nikaidou is even more explosive and bubbly when talking about Shogi. This was something pointed out in these last two episodes.

Nikadou is very passionate about Shogi and has studied it for years, which is why he’s a famous pro now. Rei is also a rather well-known pro Shogi player, but it’s revealed that he’s not very passionate about it. Hence why he’s not able to teach it in a way that others will understand. He’s only repeating the rules and properties of the game pieces that’s been explained the way a book would do.

Ironically, Nikaidou’s so passionate about it that he even created a picture book, gave the game pieces their own dialogue and personalities; it’s no wonder Hina and Momo were able to understand Shogi easily. The book appealed more to those with a child-like mentality. Which is why, in the case that you have to teach a child a specific thing that they might not understand at first, use cartoons or pictures. It’ll make things so much easier.

Moving on, doesn’t it kind of seem like Kyouko really isn’t a bad person? Yes, she did things that shouldn’t really be justified, but I think she has her own reasons for being such a dingy brat in the beginning.

She came from a family that pretty much lived on Shogi, and her parents expected a lot out of her and her brother. Expectations like that can be very pressuring on children. I’m surprised Kyouko’s brother didn’t crack sooner. So having another kid in the house who was a lot better at Shogi must’ve put Kyouko in a panic!

Ever since he was young Rei’s been very good at Shogi, though he wasn’t very passionate about it. So seeing him getting so much attention from her own parents made her choose the wrong path. Even now, she’s most likely not living the life she wants. She’s probably receiving a lot of attention from her boyfriend, so that’s something. But this guy is most likely not even a good person for her. According to what she’d said in episode 8, her boyfriend’s got a couple screws loose in his head and is very violent with other people, though apparently not with her. It kind of reminds me of the Yandere relationship.

Anyway, that’s all for my thoughts on this episode. I’ll see you all next time for my Hinako Note review!


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