How Cute!! (Hinako Note Episode 1 Review)

So thanks to Sam (A Nerdy Perspective)’s suggestion, I decided to watch the Hinako Note anime. I usually tend to look up the anime on google just to see what the gist of the plot is (I don’t really like to go through with things blindly), and honestly I was very interested to know that this was about a girl who wanted to pursue her dreams in theater.

Though I never really tried it, I’ve always been interested in theater, so I thought of this as a way for me to relate to the character. After finding out she has a case of social anxiety that leads her to freezing up in front of people like a scarecrow, I found Hinako to be a likable character.

I love the fact that the first three main characters that are introduced (Hinako, Kuina, and Mayuki) each have their own little quirks that correspond well with their personality. Hinako has a problem with speaking to people in public, which is why she wanted to pursue theater in order to get rid of her shyness. Kuina is an obvious glutton which is shown rather clearly throughout the first episode. I just can’t believe she actually likes to eat paper ?​ Mayu is surprisingly an upperclassmen to the two girls mentioned above. But because she’s so tiny she’s often mistaken as a freshman or middle-schooler. Her height actually pertains very well with her personality. Despite being a second-year she seems very childish. However at times she can take charge, much like when Kuina wanted to go to every food stand in the park and Mayu had to hold her back. One thing I find relatable with her is that she likes to be relied on and referred to as an “older sister”. I have a bit of a “motherly” side to me so I always enjoy being relied on and needed by other people, since it doesn’t happen to me very much.

I was also introduced to another main character, Chiaki the landlady. I don’t know too much about her other than that she was in theater as well when she was younger. Telling from the opening there’s supposed to be five main characters so hopefully I’ll be introduced to the fifth in later episodes?

Overall I give this episode a 9/10… Oh hell, I’ll just give it a full score! I don’t have any complaints about it so far, which is a little weird in my opinion. But I can’t wait until I have time to see the next episode!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this review! ? I’m so happy you are already enjoying after just one episode! I’m sure you’ll love the rest as it is such a charming show! ? also thank you for the mention! Awesome content as always! ☺️

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