Goodie, A History Lesson (Gangsta Chapter 15 Review)

Since Twilights are a form of advanced humans (in my opinion), the regular human race treated them as if they were dangerous an unimportant, causing Twilights to be treated like trash and bringing about an event called the “Twilight Hunt”.

Twilights were sent to Ergastulum, a place where the poor and the most heinous criminals would reside.

At this time Nic and Wallace were still children, spending their days loitering around and generally just being kids together with a side of Wallace teaching Nic how to read and write.

However, due to a protest going on near the area Nic has to be taken away.

But what really pisses me off is that when Wallace tried to negotiate and get Nic’s dad to take an adult, the fucking guy literally calls his own son “that” and “this thing“, claiming that Nic’s only purpose is to slaughter and die on behalf of the human race.

What. A. Dick.

Taking care of the protesters didn’t take too long, but when the mercenaries finally arrive back at the mansion Wallace runs down to them and accidentally runs into his father.

You immediately know this isn’t a good sign.

In the last chapter Wallace is shown to be having problems with the scar on his eye again. So I was guessing part of this story will be bringing us back to cigarette flashback.

Thank god I was partially wrong. Scenes like that really break my heart.

It’s obvious to tell that Wallace cares very much for Nicolas, despite knowing him for such a short time. But when he finds out that Nic is a Twilight it seems as if his feelings might change a bit. Maybe he’s become afraid?

Apparently Twilights also don’t have a very long lifespan, which is also another main reason why humans use them as work slaves. So this means…


He’s only a half-breed, so maybe his lifespan is extended a bit compared to normal Twilights? I’M NOT SURE, BUT I REALLY DON’T WANT NIC TO DIE!!

Now that it’s been confirmed that Nic won’t live too long, his father decides to abandon him at the mansion simply because he’s “no longer useful”.


Shittiest Fictional Father of the Year, anyone? Actually.. a lot of fictional dads are really shitty.

Wallace seems to have accepted Nic’s true identity in a short matter of time, making him possibly the first human to accept Nicolas as a Twilight. Wallace buys him off his father (who takes the money without a second thought, the bastard) and makes the decision to continuously buy the Celebré off of their doctor in order to sustain Nic’s life.

I can tell Nic is happy with this outcome. Yeah, his dad abandoned him, but Wallace was the only one who treated him as a human and didn’t put him down for his disabilities.

I just absolutely love their relationship!




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