First Impressions: Homura Akemi


By far my most favorite character in “Madoka Magica”! I usually stay away from character discussion posts like this unless I feel like I know the character and their purpose in the story. Now that I’m basically done with the first season, I pretty much know what her whole deal is.

At first I thought Homura was just going to be the general serious type who’s also a complete badass in combat. Not only did I confirm that, I also got to see her incredibly awkward and emotional side during the backstory. I thought she was just a regular person growing up, when in reality she was the type to not be very sociable for various reasons, which led to her being a shy and awkward mess when she finally got the chance to go to public school.

I feel like her development with Madoka kind of happened too fast. They became close a little too fast (though to them it was in the span of a month) and I think she kind of got overly attached to the first person that became her friend. I don’t think Homura knew her well enough to automatically want to lay her life down for her. Yeah, it was obvious that Madoka was a good person, anyone would want to give themselves up in order to save a good person. But I still don’t feel like their relationship development was enough for that.

But overall, I still love the purpose that she has in the story and in Madoka’s life. That kind of outcome wasn’t really something that I would have expected.


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