Damn, What a Bad Time to Die (KnK Chapter 28-31 Review)

This sounds really insensitive, but it’s kind of true.


Yuzuru and Nishimiya’s grandmother was always very supportive of their personalities and interests, while their mother is very close-minded and believes that being strict and critical makes you stronger. I think this is partly the reason why she was so close with her grandmother.

Losing someone you’re very close with, knowing you’ll never be able to see them again. That’s so incredibly heartbreaking, I can’t even imagine how Yuzuru must feel.

Given that she’s a very young girl in the stage of development where she’s very emotional and “rebellious” (in reality she just knows she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap), and she most likely feels like she can’t really talk to anyone. Even her sister. I think maybe at certain points Yuzuru might see herself as Shouko’s guardian or, as she stated in this last chapter, Shouko’s babysitter.

But she doesn’t realize that now she not only has her sister, she also has Shouya, Sahara, and Nagatsuka in her life. Shouya explained this to her in the last chapter. Yuzuru isn’t as alone as she thinks she is. No one is, in reality.

In a way, it’s like this was meant to happen.

Yuzuru’s grandmother obviously isn’t going to be around forever. It’s almost like Shouya was meant to come back into Shouko’s life, thus involving himself in Yuzuru’s life, then to bring Sahara and Nagatsuka into their lives.

You notice little by little that each character is slowly changing in their own way. Such as Nishimiya becoming more expressive, as well as being honest with her feelings. Yuzuru’s always been blunt, but she’s also becoming a little more open in her own way. Her grandmother said it herself, Yuzuru is laughing and is a bit more carefree than before.

I’m just hoping that Yuzuru will have a better understanding, now more than ever, that she’s not completely alone. She just needs to find the right person to speak with, and she has four potential people to confide in now.

Anyway, thank you for reading! Sorry I rambled a little bit ?​


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