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I’ve heard about Ko-Fi before when I used to follow a cosplayer on Instagram. It’s simply a page where a content-creator can accept donations from others in support of what they do.

I had been going back and forth with wether to start a page over a little insecurity I have. I mean, everyone goes through this. Heck, I even spoke about it a bit with Sam (A Nerdy Perspective) on Twitter, though this was for her decision on wether to start one. Anyway, I was kind of insecure over the fact that I don’t even have a huge following like most bloggers and I felt asking for donations would’ve been a bit much since, again, I’m not very popular and most people don’t even have the money to donate these days.

But in the end, what do I have to lose?!

It’s a free page. It’s not like I’m paying to even have it up there. Plus, you can’t just expect to get donations fast. Things take time!

I’m hoping to continuously grow this blog (especially now since everyone still seems to be following my old one (-w-`) ) and hopefully make it into something big in the future. Same thing with my YouTube channel.

Hm.. Maybe I should put this on my channel?

Anyway, after seeing that Sam had made the move I decided to make the move as well. Kind of a copy-cat thing isn’t it? I’m a little embarrassed about it, but it’s incredibly stupid for someone to feel that way. Especially if what you’re doing is supposed to be beneficial to yourself.

I just wanted to take the chance and test out the waters. So when you want to, please feel free to visit my Ko-Fi page! There should be a button near the top of the sidebar, but if not I’ll give you the link.


I’ll be sure to use whatever donation I get to invest into this blog as well as my channel!


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