Big Sis Ram! (Re:Zero Episode 11 Review)

Ram and Rem are both me. I’m lazy but I want to do my best… But I’m lazy.

So Ram really was a prodigy back when they were kids. It’s such a shame that they didn’t even give Rem a chance to show her worth. I don’t even blame her for feeling the way she did.

If I were being overshadowed the way she was, I would honestly be glad about Ram’s horn breaking as well. But just at the moment. I’d feel terrible for it later, of course. I’m not that cold.

But I can understand why she’d feel that way. In fact it’s a bit hard not to feel like you’re not worth as much as someone else when your parents are using your sister as a point of comparison to you. Even the villagers wouldn’t acknowledge Rem, so she stood on the sidelines.

rem and ram.gif

But then again, I wouldn’t blame the villagers for the way they think either. They believed that twins were basically a sin since they’re only born with one horn. But after Ram tried to protect Rem from the main elder, they decided to use her to their advantage. So of course they wouldn’t think about Rem when they have a perfectly good asset right there.

… It’s hard to choose sides when you’re indecisive.

Honestly, I’m just glad that Rem didn’t decide to cut off the horn herself. I was afraid that was the actual outcome.

So since then Rem has been doing everything to help Ram, basically filling in her shoes of the role she played before her horn was cut off. She’s definitely gotten much better.

Or maybe I’m just saying that because Ram is now much less efficient and extremely lazy…

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