Betrayal, Betrayal Everywhere. (Gangsta Chapter 32 & 33 Review)

Twists, turns, cliff-hangers, and gut-wrenching deception.

That’s pretty much my summary for these last two chapters.

I couldn’t go on reading other chapter because I just had to write out my intake on this. There were so many things happening that I ended up with an entire spectrum of emotions, and I’m just sitting there on my computer clenching my fists looking mad as hell when I notice my mother (who was sitting next to me) staring at me with utter confusion.

Of course, I didn’t want to have explain the whole plot to her, so I just said “I’m just… really, really into this manga.”

Literally everything about these last two chapters is so heart-breaking!

It turns out Mr. Danny Monroe was the one behind (or at least somewhat part of) the Twilight-hunting group that Erica and Mikhail are working for. This group also consists of a man named Ivan, who is Delico’s colleague and one of Monroe’s bodyguards. There’s a huge chanced they’re also linked with the Destroyers.

Now put yourself in Delico’s shoes for now.

You’re in the middle of a fight with your crazy scary-as-shit sister and her creepy nine-years-old sidekick. Luckily, Nicolas had cut Mikhail’s Achilles, so he wasn’t able to walk anymore.

But then, you’re confronted by your boss and colleague and find out they’re both working to exterminate Twilights, and it’s been revealed to you that you’re sister’s been raped and possibly brain-washed/gone insane.

Let that sink in for a few seconds.

Then Yang (your best friend) attempts to get revenge and kill your dickhead boss, but guess what?!

Out of habit you fucking kill him. You killed your best friend because of your stupid undying loyalty.

Of course, Nic couldn’t help with any of this because the dumbass took a drug that wasn’t even verified safe so he could be extremely strong. So during that whole horrible event the guy is passed out and suffering from after-effects.

But wait, there’s more!

Since he can’t walk anymore, Monroe and Co. leave Mikhail suffering on the ground. Ivan literally calls him “useless trash” and advises to “just go die”.

I’m not entirely sure how old he is, but I know for a fact that he’s just a child who’s now handicapped. To be treated so unfairly must be devastating.

Now he’s just a little boy, abandoned in Ergastulum with little to no chance of survival.



18 thoughts on “Betrayal, Betrayal Everywhere. (Gangsta Chapter 32 & 33 Review)”

    1. I usually read the manga on a website. And I know exactly how you feel, I think Monroe deserves to get beat over the head with a bat. The way he’s been treating the Twilights is just unfair and disgusting.

          1. Ohh okay. I think that’s good, considering the fact that I need answers as to how Marco had even become part of their group. He just seems too gentle to be in a group like that. Then again, looks can be deceiving. Do they give some backstory on how Marco had met Loretta’s father? He’s the head of the Cristiano family.

          2. He is the main character of the spin-off I have the 1st three volume and so far he is still part of the Destroyer.
            But I feel some part of the chapter 48 will be included in the spin-off later.

          3. Most likely ? I don’t know why but I still don’t see Marco being in that group? Like I don’t really see him being a ruthless killer like Striker is. While I do think he’s a badass, I just don’t see him in that kind of group.

          4. He wasn’t a ruthless killer, he was just killing cause the ones who put the group together were telling him that Twilight were bad. He doesn’t really show any emotions. The only moment where he show some kind of emotions is when he began to doubt about what they are doing.

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