A Cuckoo Bird and a Kotatsu (MCILAL Episodes 11.5 & 12 Review)



No one told me there was an 11.5 episode?? Where’d that even come from? Anyway, it’s not like it was a big deal. It was more of a short recap of the last eleven episodes. It kind of helped me understand what was going on a bit more, so I kind of needed it.

I had completely forgotten about how Rei had referenced himself to the baby cuckoo bird. This bird was the first to hatch and would throw the other eggs out of the nest so it’d take over. This was exactly what he did, though it wasn’t on purpose. First he threw out Kyouko’s younger brother (I don’t know his name, I’m sorry) because he was less efficient at shogi, then Rei threw out Kyouko because she wasn’t able to beat him anymore and she had to quit the federation.

All of that information, I wasn’t completely aware of it until I watched 11.5 ?​



Speaking of that petty little piece (you know what piece of), apparently her boyfriend isn’t actually her boyfriend. According to Gotou, Kyouka’s stalking him? I’m sure that’s not really true, since he was actually seen side-by-side with her in the flashback of when Gotou was beating Rei, but if it was then what is he really doing with her? Usually if someone was stalking you you’d get a restraining order on them or something.

So if this were actually true, why would Kyouka be stalking him? Is it because she’s at such a high rank in shogi that she wants to be with him in order to prove something to her father? I mean being excluding the way she and her brother were must’ve made her feel terrible, so I’m guessing that maybe this way she feels like her father might be proud of her for having a boyfriend that had such a high ranking in shogi?

three sisters.gif

On a lighter note, it seems like Rei found a place where he belonged. He might not notice it yet, but the way it looks like to me is that these girls represent a light in his life that he sincerely needed. He compared their house to a kotatsu, something that made you feel warm and comforted. Let’s face it, if he hadn’t been forced to drink and left on the sidewalk, he may not have even met Akari, therefore he wouldn’t have received all the happy memories he has with them. I think he would’ve been in an even deeper pit of depression had he not met these girls.

Those are my thoughts! What’d you guys think of this episode?

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