3 Things I Didn’t Expect 😕​ | March Comes in Like a Lion Episodes 13-15 Review

There were quite a few things I didn’t expect from these last couple episodes.

  • An episode focused in Misumi Tatsuyuki’s perspective
This is literally me with my pets 😂​

It was actually pretty cool. I didn’t think they’d do that since he’s kind of a side-character but then again the first match we saw was the one between him and Gotou.

I have to say… he has a rather odd (at least to me) morning routine. He wakes up dressed, takes out everything in his fridge and eats random things. Drank a bit of milk, took some salt, sprinkled it on a tomato, took a bite out of the tomato…


I don’t know about you guys but I can’t eat a tomato to save my life. Literally. If I was somehow given a choice to eat a whole tomato or be killed, I’d die. I hate tomatoes.

Anyway, back to this match.

We’ve known from the start that Gotou is as tough of an opponent as he looks, so there wasn’t very much faith being rested on Tatsuyuki betting he would win. Tatsuyuki himself didn’t think he’d win! It would’ve been a nice turn-around for the audience to see an obvious underdog win, but it was present that such a thing wouldn’t happen.

So while he didn’t win the match, he did win in another way. He found a pet to keep! A cute little black kitten 😍​ I’d still count that as a win, since he still obtained something that made him happy. And Tasuyuki is so sweet with it, too! It was so adorable to see.

  • Rei’s loss against Shimada


I really wasn’t expecting Rei to lose so easily! Not only that, he lost badly! He made his goal to defeat Gotou, which wasn’t even a relevant goal at the moment.

He underestimated Shimada all because he was a Rank A, letting his egotism get in the way of the match. It seems as if Rei wasn’t completely paying attention and focused too much on laying his pieces strategically instead of watching his own back during the match. He could have dissected Shimada’s moves in their own match and come up with a strategy from there. It was good for him to look at the game records, but I think Rei should have tried to just wing it since it definitely seems like Shimada’s the type to wing it. Shogi’s like chess, and chess is like war between two kingdoms. You have to come up with a strategy and also know how to go with the flow and make it into your favor.

I think the problem with Rei might have been that even near the end of their match, Rei was so caught off-guard by the odds that were against him and completely panicked. He’s obviously not used to losing.

Speaking of losing…

  • I actually have (a bit) of sympathy for Kyoko??



Here’s a woman with everything. Like Rei acknowledged, she has good looks, a good family, and she always gets what she wants.

Yet here she is, chasing after a man who doesn’t even want her and is holding a grudge against her father that’s lasted for years already.

Here’s what I meant by sympathy: I have sympathy because the only reason why she’s such a witch right now is because she still has this grudge against her father for not believing in her. I get how discouraging that could be. HOWEVER, I don’t think it was smart for her to have gone down this whole path chasing after some old guy who’s married. I think she’s with him because he’s so good at Shogi and maybe she still wants her dad to feel proud of her for having something to do with Shogi.

Bottom line is, cAN SHE STOP BEING A WENCH???

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