Just to be Clear, I'm Watching This so I Can See Rem. (Re:Zero Episode 1 & 2 Review)

But it’s been two episodes and she’s not there ?​ WHERE ARE THEY MAID WAIFUS?!

I asked this same question to a few of my mutuals on Twitter, and I was informed that she doesn’t appear until a few episodes later.

So for now I’m stuck with the plot ?​

I’m kidding, I’m actually very interested in the plot! Well, at first, I was confused as hell when the second episode rolled around. I was wondering why the plot switched. One scene Emilia– or Satella? Whoever the silver-haired girl is, was summoning a lesser spirit and in the next episode she’s asking Subaru why he’s calling her by the name of a witch (a “she who must not be named” thing), and then she leaves him, and then he gets killed by the guys in the alleyway.

But the everything goes back to the way it was when he first came.

Subaru realized it himself, but you figure out or at least assume that time turns back each time Subaru dies, which I’m guessing is the special power he’s always wanted.

I’m really excited to see what went down in between (and Rem) so you can efinitely expect more reviews coming soon!


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